If you are a freelance journalist, a content creator or a public speaker, you’d always aspire to not say ‘sorry’ or ‘I beg your pardon”. If you are into content creation you would always aim to create high-quality content that is rich in information and the choice of right words. On similar lines when you are speaking to a large audience you’d always want to address them articulately and in a manner that keeps them engaged. Making mistakes is human but they are unpardonable at the same time. You can avoid them with the use of technology.

Teleprompter has helped thousands of professionals and businesses around the world. The advancement in technology has meant that this feature-rich software addresses many of the problems and challenges that people in the past had with creating content or speaking in public. Here are some of the professionals/businesses that make use of such software in their day to day professional commitments –

  • Solo Presenters/Journalists –

    Solo presenters/journalists use teleprompter software for iPad to record their video without having to invest in expensive Teleprompter hardware. Such software has come as a shot in the arm for YouTubers allowing them to create articulate and flawless content that increase their popularity and subscriptions.
  • Marketing Teams –

    With the world embracing videos as a means of advertising several small businesses marketing teams are benefitting from the features of teleprompter software. This allows them to create professional-grade content without having to break the bank in building state-of-the-art infrastructure in their own premises.
  • Production Houses –

    While production houses continue to make use of the traditional hardware for creating their content they are also increasingly making use of teleprompter software for Windows and iPad. This is especially beneficial in outdoor shoots where they no longer need to set up their hardware and spend money on logistics. It also allows them to get the best out of their resources and bring down the cost of investment on hardware.
  • Public Speakers –

    This category of professionals have benefitted enormously from the teleprompter. Instead of having to flip through the pages of their speech they can easily speak looking at the eyes of the audience with their iPad or laptop screens serving as a cue. It makes their speeches more engaging without missing out on any important points.

Dual Screen Teleprompter Software

Teleprompter software with dual-screen support multiplies the advantages that this tool has. This feature allows producers to webcast without much of planning and equipment handling. In a typical news broadcast-like scenario, the dual-screen feature allows the editor to update the text on the software simultaneously with the presenter reading out from the screen. This is advantageous at it helps producers to create professional-grade content in real-time. All updates pouring in can be updated during the live broadcast. It gives the producers and the editors more control over the content that is being created and lets the anchor/presenter focus on the sole job of presenting the content on the screen in the most articulate manner. The editors can make use of image/video markers in the text which prompts the anchor about the synchronized images and videos that are being broadcast in a live feed.

This cutting-edge feature allows producers to run live shows from anywhere in the world with minimum investments and with a small team of the crew. This eliminates the need of depending on expensive equipment to manage live shows and also does away with the entry barrier that has so far prevented small producers from creating high-quality content for live shows. This feature is also useful for presenters in live events as this lets them take help from their team during live debates.

Features to look for in Teleprompter Software

Teleprompter software for iPad offer several incentives to professionals, marketing teams and large businesses. Whether one plans to use it for content creation or public speaking they improve the output enormously. It is however, important to choose the right software from a wide selection of products that are available in the market. Apart from the dual-screen feature on your teleprompter software windows you also need to look a few other features that will make your life easy and improve the result. Here are some of the features that you need to look for in teleprompter software

  • Horizontal and Vertical Flipping
  • Adjustable Eye line Indicator

  • Adjustable Screen Size
  • Multiple Fonts and Text Colors
  • Rich Text/Simple Text Import
  • Built-in Word Processor/Script Editor
  • Sensitivity Speed Controls
  • Wireless Remote/Foot Pedal Support
  • Variable Line Spacing
  • Intelligent Screen Resolution Management
  • Customizable Controls
  • Timer Support
  • Spelling Checker

To sum up, teleprompter software is a must-use tool for presenters, producers, public speakers and marketing teams in a competitive business environment. They are rich in feature and improve the quality of the content and the presentation.


In this write-up, we look at teleprompter software for iPad and Windows and how ones with dual-screen support increase productivity.